The Church on Fire

The City Alive

Why another church? Why the church at all? We at Trinity believe that the church exists to join with God in seeing His kingdom come. His kingdom is the 'why?', as His kingdom is what it looks like when He gets his way. We want to be a community that prays and works so that this hope becomes a reality in our city.

How do we think this might happen? Well, the answer is that this has to be something He does, rather than something we do. So it all begins with an encounter with Him. As we do that, we learn what it means to follow in his footsteps, and do the things he did. This is what it means to be a church on fire. 

But it's never enough to build a great church. We believe that God's aim all along has been to bring His world back to life, filling it with His beautiful presence. As we encounter Jesus, we expect to see him make a difference in our lives and way beyond our lives as He makes Nottingham a better place to live, work and find community; a city alive.