The church isn’t a club we join, nor an event we attend; it’s a family in which every person can find a place to belong no matter where they’re from. Becoming part of a church family should feel like coming home. Our hope for Trinity is that it would be a place where lifelong friendships are formed, and lives are changed.

So what’s the strategy? 


We eat together. 


Simple we know, blindingly obvious perhaps, but it’s what Jesus did with his disciples, and it’s what he commanded us to do to remember him (1 Cor 11.24). 

And re-membering is what we're aiming for. It’s the opposite of dismembering, which is all about being pulled apart. And that’s what we hope to see, and already are seeing; that when we eat together we're put back together.

Are you in? Great! Here are the ways we’re practicing this;

1. Dinner at yours

We’re encouraging you to get together with other members of the church to share a meal and share your story. It’s that simple, and it’s already happening all over the city. You can do this in your own time, on your own dime. Right now there's no particular structure to follow, but let us know how it's going.


2. Dinner at ours

We’re inviting you to come to Jonny & Amy’s house for a meal so that we get to know each other better, and dream about what we might see God doing in Nottingham. These gatherings will happen monthly, the food's free and it's really tasty. You can sign up to come along by emailing