Phase One 

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen our congregation grow from 15 to over 150 people. There’s much more to come as we look to the next chapter; creating a worship space where both our adult congregation and Trinity Kids groups can grow, and where people can experience hope and transformation. We anticipate this space being used throughout the week to equip leaders who are able to bring transformation both within and beyond the walls of the church. 


Cost £300,000 Timescale 3 Months 


Phase two 

We’ll look to develop a welcoming reception area with staircase and atrium, a shared workspace for the city’s young people, and offices for a growing team and related organisations. All in all, this phase is about making a place where people experience what home is really like.

Cost £590,000 Timescale 8 Months 


Phase three

Holy Trinity Nottingham was a church for all people, but it was especially known for its work with children and young people. We want to bring fresh life to this vision by creating a place of welcome for the young people of Nottingham. We’ll develop a dedicated youth space, as well as classrooms and kitchen facilities.

Cost £206,000 Timescale 3 Months 


Phase four

The final stage of our journey. We want this to be a space that truly serves Nottingham. We dream of seeing this building - for so long a pillar within the city - contributing to the creative, entrepreneurial and educational life of the city again.

Cost Est £600,000 Timescale 6 Months