Out of his relationship with His Father - the One, Jesus was able to share his life with others. Although he fully loved every person he encountered, and spent time in large groups, he chose to spend much of his time with three others: James, Peter and John. 

Jesus shows that the deepest kinds of relationship are best found within smaller units; quality over quantity. And so we’ve invited our congregation to join ‘a few’ 2 or 3 other Christians of the same sex - who they’ll commit to spending regular time with. 

This is not only about us re-learning the art of friendship, but we believe it’s also an essential part of the journey to become more like Jesus. In our few, we’ll learn what it is to commit to others, as well as giving us a space to be honest about our faith and seek guidance. 

We recommend that each few meets at least once a fortnight over a drink or a meal, spending time chatting and praying!