Gathering together is integral to following Jesus. When we gather we’re asking God to redirect our hearts towards Him and one another. He does this as we sing, pray, listen to His word, share stories of what He’s doing in our lives, and take communion together. We believe that all our communication is two-way and therefore we give time to hearing from God as we worship. 

Sunday Morning - 10:30am (coffee & kids check-in from 10am)

Thursday Prayer - 7am - join us as we gather to pray for our city, our church and the world

Third Wednesdays - 7.30pm - We seek to be a community reliant on the presence of God. That's why we gather on the third Wednesday of every month to worship God, seek his presence and pray for his kingdom to come in Nottingham as it is in heaven. 

Location: 192 Mansfield Road, Nottingham