Jesus spent lots of his time in the company of others. He knew that life wasn’t designed to be a solo mission, but was to be shared with friends, old and new. 

And so we want to buck the trend of isolation across our city by creating spaces where people can come together and find friendship and community. 

For Jesus, these spaces were about welcome; he spent time with anyone, from any background or religious conviction. Whether people saw themselves already as his followers, still exploring, or even outright against him, Jesus loved simply being with people. 

For us, these places of company happen around the table at meals, as well as in interest groups. There is no condition for attendance; they are spaces simply to come and meet others. Meals and interest groups are happening right now across the city and we’d love you to come and join in. 



Meals are one of the ways we want to build family in our Church and across the city. Sharing our lives round the dinner table has been key to our story so far. As the church grows we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make friends, invest in each other and invite others to join you on this journey of following Jesus.

Interest Groups

Interest groups are designed to help people create new connections at Trinity. As the church continues to grow bigger, we want to make it feel smaller. One simple way to do this is by attending an Interest Group.

Like our Trinity Meals, these groups meet at different times and in different places across the city, except rather than gathering around a meal they gather around a shared interest. Anyone is welcome to join, and you can sign up by looking at what’s available and showing up! It’s as simple as that.