We believe that God’s presence changes everything. So we find that right at the heart of becoming like Jesus, and learning to do the stuff he did, is choosing to spend time alone with God. 

It’s often when we’re alone with God that we truly learn to talk to him and listen to Him, and are able to bring the real us. 

This isn’t always easy though. What we’ve found helps is committing to a simple daily rhythm of prayer. As a church, we commit to: 

Morning — Psalm
Reading a passage from the Bible (start with a Psalm, but you might find other parts of the Bible more helpful for you), thinking through it and praying for your day

Midday — Lord’s Prayer
Pausing for a minute, and saying the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, the Lord’s prayer. 

Evening — Examen
Talking to God about the day that’s just gone, and looking forwards to the next one. We find a simple set of questions - based around something called the Examen - to be really helpful.