Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #9

What does freedom look like in real life? Paul ends the letter to the church in Philippi by thanking them for their gift to him. Clearly they were model givers (see 2 Cor 8/9). To be a Christian is to step into generosity as a way of life. With Jesus as our example we can continue to find freedom in this area as our giving reflects the generousity that we see in the church in Philippi.

Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #6

The new year presents with an opportunity for another look at where we're heading; a new resolution, a new start, a new me! But making and keeping resolutions is only worthwhile if we're headed in the right direction to start with. In this week's text, Paul challenges the Philippians to shine like stars as they live a life of beautiful holiness. Jonny urges us to make this vision of holy living our goal in this new year.

Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #5

This week, we look at the section at the heart of the letter to the Philippians: the 'Jesus hymn' in Chapter 2. For Paul the direction of growth for the church is towards sacrificial, humble love. For Paul this is modelled in the story of God, who humbled himself for us. Will shows us how the key to living open and generous lives like this, is to know ourselves as loved: just as Jesus did. 

Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #4

Paul continues his letter to the Philippians by reminding them of the need to live what they speak as he encourages them to live lives worthy of the gospel. This week, Jonny reminds us that following Jesus involves a transfer of allegiance from one kingdom to another. What follows this change of identity is a transformed life, marked by integrity, perseverance and unity. This kind of life makes God's kingdom available to people today. 

Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #3

Jonny continued our series in Philippians by teaching from chapter 1, verses 12–26. Here we see a picture of Paul as a man who knows his 'why?'. This clarity enables him to find joy in a time of great difficulty. What is his 'why'? Simply this: the good news about Jesus Christ. Paul offers an example for us to follow. The deepest experience of life comes as go on the journey of discovering Jesus as our motivation for all things.

Philippians: Slaves, Saints & Sons #2

Will continues our series in Philippians by taking us through chapter 1, verses 1-11. Paul speaks about a confidence he has that “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…”. Will reminds us that God is working in each of us to bring us closer to true freedom, and we can have confidence that He will finish what He has started. This work is for each of us individually, but also for the Church: God is working to achieve something incredible in and through us.

Vision #3

This week we continued our vision series by looking in more depth at what it might mean to be a church on fire. Jonny's message focuses on the next stage of the church's journey, which will involve building on the foundations that have been laid so far, both spiritually and physically. At the heart of this sermon is a powerful testimony of prayer, which continues to inspire us as a church.