Life in the Spirit #1

This week Jonny kicks off our new series in Romans 8 looking at what it means to live life in the Spirit. Many of us live a life defined by our inner critic, starved of joy and peace. Jonny shows us that to live the life that God imagines for His people means knowing that we don’t need to live under this condemnation any more, but instead under God’s verdict of approval. This means turning off the external voice of criticism, and tuning into the wavelength of the Spirit of God.

The Way of Jesus #5

This week Jonny continues our series on The Way of Jesus by looking at the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. God flips this agricultural festival – known for being a time where the Jewish people brought a gift to God – on its head by bringing a gift that would change the lives of his followers, and dramatically transform the face of the world. His gift is still available to us today!

The Way of Jesus #4

This week, Bryan continues building on what it means to take seriously the life of Jesus and way of life into which we are invited. Exploring the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, he gave context for the type people Jesus is inviting into this kingdom life, reminding us that until we come to terms with our own brokenness and powerlessness apart from God, we will continue to resist life with Jesus. He challenges us to look deeply at our own patterns of control and insecurity, and points us toward surrender as a step to living more fully influenced and transformed by Jesus.

Lent - Tempted to build an empire

This week Will looks at the third and final temptation Jesus faces in the wilderness. The devil offers Jesus the same thing that God has offered Jesus. The temptation then is for Jesus to take it for himself, now. Will explains how the story shows us two different ways of living life: grasping, or receiving. According to Jesus, we find peace and freedom when we live our lives worshipping God: one long, continual receiving from Him.

Lent - Tempted to bake bread

This week Jonny looks at the first temptation Jesus faces in the wilderness; the temptation to make bread out of a stone. Behind this temptation is a challenge to Jesus' identity and purpose. Will he fall into it or overcome? Jonny shows that each of us faces this same temptation every day, and suggests that living lives of greater simplicity can help us as we try to respond to this temptation as Jesus did.

Jonah #6

This week George finishes our series on Jonah, looking at Jonah chapter four. In this passage we see that God’s compassion towards Nineveh results in Jonah’s anger towards God. We are called to look afresh at the scandal of God’s grace and his offer of forgiveness to all who turn to Him. Ultimately we see this grace in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.