Trinity Vision 2018

This week Will unpacks the invitation to be part of a ‘few’: What these groups are, why we think they’re important, and how we might start them. Jesus has disciples and followers but amidst that he has a ‘three’ - his few. Will shows us how these small units of three or four can be a vital way in which we grow as disciples; they teach us vulnerability, train us in friendship and ultimately help us see more of Jesus.

Jesus and the one #1

Will starts our new series, Jesus and the One, by looking at Jesus’ interaction with Zacchaeus in Luke 19. He explains how this is a story of transformation, and that the turning point is Zacchaeus hearing Jesus and spending time in his presence. Will talks about two things that can stop us getting close to Jesus, showing how we’re invited to move from investigation to intimacy, and from coping to closeness.