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If you’re looking to make Trinity your home here are a few next steps to help you connect with us. From the outset, we’ve been passionate about encountering Jesus, becoming like him and doing the stuff he did; so that we might see the Church on fire and the City alive. The pathways and practises of ‘One, Few, Company, Many’ are how we seek to do this, both in our individual lives and our life together.




We believe that God’s presence changes everything. So we find that right at the heart of becoming like Jesus, and learning to do the stuff he did, is choosing to spend time alone with God. 

It’s often when we’re alone with God that we truly learn to talk to him and listen to Him, and are able to bring the real us. 

This isn’t always easy though. What we’ve found helps is committing to a simple daily rhythm of prayer. As a church, we commit to: 

Morning — Psalm
Reading a passage from the Bible (start with a Psalm, but you might find other parts of the Bible more helpful for you), thinking through it and praying for your day

Midday — Lord’s Prayer
Pausing for a minute, and saying the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, the Lord’s prayer. 

Evening — Examen
Talking to God about the day that’s just gone, and looking forwards to the next one. We find a simple set of questions - based around something called the Examen - to be really helpful. 

Get started by downloading this PDF.



Out of his relationship with His Father - the One, Jesus was able to share his life with others. Although he fully loved every person he encountered, and spent time in large groups, he chose to spend much of his time with three others: James, Peter and John. 

Jesus shows that the deepest kinds of relationship are best found within smaller units; quality over quantity. However, developing these kinds of relationships takes time, effort and courage. And so we’ve invited our congregation to join ‘a few’ - 2 or 3 other Christians of the same sex - who they’ll commit to spending regular time with. This is not only about us re-learning the art of friendship, but we believe it’s also an essential part of the journey to become more like Jesus.

For some pointers on how to structure your time together, download this PDF.



Jesus spent lots of his time in the company of others. He knew that life wasn’t designed to be a solo mission, but was to be shared with friends, old and new. We want to create opportunities for this to happen at Trinity. There are a few ways you can enjoy company with us: Hubs, Interests and Streams.


Trinity Hubs are one of the ways we want to build family in our Church and across the city. As the church grows, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make friends, hear what’s going on and find belonging in our Church family. Sharing our lives round the dinner table has been key to our story so far and this is no different. 

Hubs are meeting across the city, led by Trinity Hub Pastors, to eat together with the sole purpose of providing spaces for connection, communication and care. 

Find one meeting near you:

Jo and John.jpg

Jo & John – Beeston, usually meet Thursdays, 7-9pm (for more information email Jo

Matt and Miles.jpg

Matt & Miles – St Ann’s, usually meet Friday/Saturday evenings (for more information email Matt)

George and Katie.jpg

George & Katie – St Ann’s, usually meet Thursdays, 7.30-9pm (for more information email Katie)

Amy and Jonny.jpg

Jonny & Amy – West Bridgford, usually meet Thursdays, 5-7pm (for more information email Amy)

Gemma and Beau.jpg

Beau & Gemma – Mapperly, usually meet Wednesday evenings (for more information email Beau)

Adam and Amy.jpg

Amy & Adam – Carrington, usually meet Saturdays, 10am (for more information email Amy)


Zoe & Gareth - The Meadows, usually meet Friday evenings/Sunday lunchtimes (for more information email Zoe)



Interest groups are a great way to spend time with people who share similar interests or stage of life to you. They are run by members of our congregation and anyone is welcome! If you’d like to start a new interest group, come and chat to us! 

These are the groups that are currently meeting:

Trinity FC 
Monday Night Football is an opportunity to build relationships with people inside and outside of the church community through a mutual love of the beautiful game. All abilities and ages are welcome and we encourage you to bring a mate. We charge a fee of £3 per person per session to cover the pitch hire.
Monday evening, 9-10pm at Forest Fields on the Astro Turf - NG7 6LD

Trinity Tots
Every Monday during term time we open up the main kids space and pack it with tons to do for little ones! Bring your tots along and grab a coffee or tea with some of the team while they all play!

Family Night
On the first Thursday of the month, drop in with your family from 4.30 - 6.30pm in the downstairs space at Trinity, and we will eat tea together as a family. After sharing a meal, the kids "get down from the table" to play some big group games in our Kids Space. During this time, parents are invited to relax and enjoy pudding and chat in our beautiful cafe space.


More information coming soon…



We’ve seen that God is with us in a special way when we gather together. It’s because of this that we become more like Him as we worship. 


We strongly value our weekly rhythm of meeting together as a church and worshipping our God.

Gathering Times: 10:30am & 6:30pm — Doors open 30mins before for drinks!

Third Wednesdays

As well as this we love to set aside some extended time every month to pray and worship together as a community.

We do this every third Wednesday, 7.30pm at Trinity Church Nottingham.

City Prayer

We believe there is power in meeting together as a whole Church in Nottingham.

We gather every second Thursday, 7-8am we meet with other churches across the city to pray together.