Trinity Church Nottingham began when the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham invited a team from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) to plant a city centre resourcing church.

They were soon joined by others from churches across the UK, who gathered around this vision. Trinity Church Nottingham was formed in front rooms and kitchens and offices as we began to meet together to worship and pray.

As part of their vision to see this church established, the Diocese acquired the former Neale’s Auction House on Mansfield Road. The core team began praying and worshiping in this space regularly, and saw those gatherings grow as more people were drawn into the story.

The name, Trinity Church Nottingham, was inspired by hearing the story of Holy Trinity Church, which had existed in what is now Trinity Square. The church was created to meet the needs of a growing population and ministered effectively to the city for a little over 100 years. It made a particular contribution in areas of education and church planting.

We believe that the same God who was at work then in Holy Trinity Church is at work now in us, and we feel called to continuing in the path laid down for us.